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I want to study and make something of my life

AdwoaMy parents divorced when I was 10. Together with my sisters Lucy and Ama I went to live with Daddy in Kwahu (Eastern Region).

He is a teacher and is often away from home. After school, we enjoy ourselves in the village centre or go fishing and catching crabs in a stream. We make sure that we get home just a little earlier than Daddy in the evening. Because he can't watch us enough, we go and live with Mum in Mampong (Ashanti region).

As a single woman, Mum has a hard time and can barely make ends meet with. We have to move to the countryside, and we are often left alone when Mum goes to the city to sell all kinds of things. From home we walk to school and when we come home in the evening there's often no food and we do our homework on an empty stomach. Regularly we're sent out to look for food in garbage cans and we eat what's there, even if it's raw.

I want to study and make something of my life. I first go to high school and in the evening, I do homework with an oil lamp beside me. I continue and go to the best university KNUST in Kumasi. There I hear that I have a 'white' sister in the Netherlands.

Moniek comes to visit me and it was so nice. Since then, Moniek and I have a good relationship. The Quashie School Project is a blessing for me, especially because my dear daughter Louisa doesn't have to fight like me. She has been to places in Ghana that are unknown to me. I love my sister very much and I hope she can be there for all of us!




Adwoa wrote this at the age of 35.


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