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I took every opportunity I got

Stef en AmaI've wanted to work in a hospital since I was a kid. When I got the opportunity to follow a nurse training course in 2013, I took it with both hands. I said farewell to my dancing, because I wanted to succeed. The training will take 6 months and I will successfully complete it..

I can start in a clinic in Oyoko as a cleaning lady, because unfortunately the training is not enough to be a full nurse. I took every opportunity and because of that I have climbed up a bit within the clinic and I also do nurse duties. I do want to continue studying, but my partner at the time is also studying. We can't afford to study at the same time, so we decide that he will finish his studies first and I will take care of our four children.

When he finished his studies, he decides to divorce me, and I am on my own. My income is not enough to support my family, so I take a second job. When I am at home, I bake plantain chips and sell them in small bags at the clinic. Patients often have to wait a long time and plantain chips satisfy their hunger. Even though I don't earn a lot, I love my job. Through my colleagues, I hear that there is going to be an advanced training. I’m in doubt, because it has been so long since I went to school.




Ama wrote this at the age of 38.


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