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I can help my children now

AmpofoI never thought I'd go to school again. I went to primary school and then I went to work. That's the way it is. I'm a carpenter and I learned the trade in practice.

I'm married to Ama, a sister of Moniek. She already has 4 children which is no problem for me. I see them as my own children. I like to be with children and love to play or draw with them.

Moniek often says that Ama and I must help the children with homework. I want to but I can't. That goes especially for the subjects like English, mathematic and language. I talked to Moniek about this and she has made sure that I can go to school for a year.

In the beginning it was quite difficult to combine it with my work and my family, but I succeeded. I feel much stronger and have more fun in life. I can now help a bit with homework but as a furniture maker I also benefit from it. I would like to continue my studies but if the money is not there yet, then 'my' children take precedence!

With love,



The Quashie School Project mainly supports school children, but sometimes it is very important to educate the parents.

Ampofo wrote this at the age of 36.


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