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Mister Quashie

Daddy en MoniekBetween 1962 and 1966 Owusu Ansah Quashie studied at the secondary colonial agricultural school in Deventer, the Netherlands. After his studies he returned to Ghana. Due to circumstances, a reunion with his then girlfriend from the Netherlands and me is not possible due to circumstances.

He builds a new life, marries twice and has 9 more children, one of which died in a car accident. Owusu Ansah now teaches tropical agriculture in secondary schools. This is where the name “Mister Quashie” is 'born', a title he will keep even after his retirement.


There are not many pictures with me and my father together, but these beautiful old black and white pictures are from my early childhood.



And then, in adulthood, you suddenly have two fathers and a problem arises. If I'm talking about my father, who do I mean? In my head I keep it perfectly apart but for the outside world it's sometimes difficult. Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve. One is a purebred Frisian but lives in Brabant so 'Ons Pap' (†). The other one lives in Ghana and will be called 'Daddy' (†).'

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