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The Quashie School Project has really helped me

DociaI am Moniek's youngest sister and my life started much better than my sisters'. Being the youngest has a lot of advantages like wearing good clothes, getting good food and being pampered.

I have been with my Mum in Mampong (Ashanti Region) my whole young life and I am very close to her, but I also love Daddy. Until the first year of high school I lived with her. Then she died, a few months after Daddy.

Because we were so close, I found it very difficult. I now have to leave Mampong and live in Oyoko (Easter Region). I had to leave my friends, go to a different school, with different rules. I can hardly get used to it.

My sister, where I live now, doesn't know how to deal with me, and from then on Moniek is taking care of me. I can go to a high school, where I can also live. There I make new friends and the caretaker is like a father to me.

I would like to become a nurse and through the Quashie School Project I get the chance to do this training in Tema. Moniek and Stef visited in 2014. I liked this so much because now I could show them to my friends. They only know them from my stories.

The Quashie School Project has really helped me. I am now a qualified nurse and I am very proud of that!




Docia wrote this story at the age of 29.


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