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Finally home

Family villageAt the end of 2016, Chief Nana Kodua Kese II sees the first Spoorloos episode. This touches him so much that he spontaneously offers me a piece of land in his village Oyoko. He wants Oyoko to be a place that feels like home for me. Lucy is with me at that moment and we are very moved by this gesture. At home, finally... that's how it feels for Lucy, too.

It reminded me of a drawing that Paakow (Jefferson) once made. He calls it the Family Village where there is room for all his family members. I'll never forget his big smile when I tell him we got land.

Stef is also in Ghana at that time and we buy a part of the land so we can create a nice place. In January 2017, the morning before we fly back to the Netherlands, Homeland Oyoko is a fact.



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