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Live your dream

Inspiration for change

Don't learn information by heart, don't prepare for society, don't blindly follow what is prescribed, but let a child fully blossom. Every child can fully feel and nourish his life's dream, without losing sight of reality.

Life instead of survival is not only about having money or not having money. It is mainly in having a dream or not, seeing a way out or not. Even if you don't have it financially, like many children in Oyoko, you don't have to put your dream aside. Because when I ask the children what they would like to have at a school, it's all about: loving support, teaching materials that will help them in their lives today.

The parents want to feel more involved, have the idea that they can no longer keep up with the children. And, later, when they are all grown and rich, they want to return to their own community. Why later? Why not start a community now, in which we (again) consciously feel what Life is really about? And not only feel, but also act upon it.

My dream

As a child, I often dreamed of a house built in a U-shape. In the middle of the garden in between is a Christmas tree full of presents for the children and I tell stories under that tree. Of course, it's very nice there. When I went to Ghana for the first time in 2002 and met my family from my father's side, I saw many houses (compounds) built in a U-shape. There was a warm welcome with my father and I immediately felt at home there. This is my homeland, despite all the poverty I see and experience there. It's logical that, after returning home, I focus my attention on Ghana and on education for my family there.

Moniek in de klasA strong bond develops, especially with my sisters (my father died in 2006). They study, find work, get married, have many children and their lives become more financially stable. This creates peace, also for the mind. There is room for their environment and the world.

I too am changing and in 2014, I met Changespirators. There I will experience a completely different development than school, studying, learning and doing your best. I experience a development of feeling, connection, love. A big message is 'you already are yourself, you don't have to become it'. This touches my heart and I remain involved in this organization. From this new way of thinking, I look at the world, myself and my school project in Ghana. ‘It can be done differently; it can be done even more from connection'. At the same time, my Ghanaian family would like to give something back to their community.

While writing for this website, I discover that my life dream is more and more coming to live. It is something that was already there in my youth and is now becoming more and more reality. I did not consciously 'work on it' but let Life 'do its work'. Realizing this but especially by living this, is what the Quashie School Project wants to learn children (of all ages).


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