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I see a fantastic future ahead of me

LucyDear sister Moniek,

…I have a question for you. Can you help me to go to one of the best high schools? I'm sure I'll get the required degree to go there. I'm a good student and I see a great future ahead of me. In my class I always have the best grades and I'm very proud of that.

Sister, it is my intention to get good grades and study hard for that because only then will I reach my goal. So, I'm not going to waste my time. At school I'm a class teacher for all the girls in the school. I'm going to quit because I'm always late because I have to take care of Daddy. I have to wait until Daddy wakes up so I can change him and the bed. I often get a little sleepy in class because I don't get enough sleep.

I discussed this problem with one of my teachers and he also thought I should not run for re-election for the time being. Only when the situation has changed.

Bye bye, your sister



This letter was written by Lucy at the age of 14 and is, in retrospect, the beginning of the Quashie School Project.


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