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Every individual develops in his or her own way

The Quashie family raised the question 'Can't we do something in return? Can we be of value in the community of 'Mister Quashie'?'

I'm very happy with this question. As an 'Obroni' (white person) I could of course have something organised a long time ago in Ghana. I've always felt that that wasn't the intention. The question should come from them and not be an idea of an 'Obroni'. Now the time has come, and the Quashie School Project will take the next step...

We are going back to the place where I first met my family in 2002. Lucy was in Roman Catholic Junior High School in Oyoko at the time. This school is the starting point of our new joint program. Together with Changespirators and my family in Ghana, we are developing a multi-year program.

This program "Life is Love" is given on a voluntary basis in addition to the regular classes. Nothing is committed, everyone develops in his own time and in his own way. Besides students, teachers and parents are also invited to participate. We hope that it will not only stay with this school, but that "Life is Love" will spread like ripples on water.

The first contact with the Roman Catholic Junior High School in Oyoko has been made. When I am in Ghana in March 2020, the plans will be presented.




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