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Every individual develops in his or her own way

We are going back to the place where I first met my family in 2002. Lucy was in Roman Catholic Junior High School in Oyoko at the time.

It is great to see how Lucy and other students of the Quashie School Project have grown. Not only in knowledge but also in personal growth. Experience has shown that mentoring students at a Senior High School and vocational training has added value. This is the strength of the Quashie School Project and we put that to use for new students.

We are going to personally mentoring 4 to 6 students from Senior High to a vocational school. Together with the principal and teachers of the Roman Catholic Junior High School in Oyoko, we will choose which students are eligible. The criterion is that the students live in (the surroundings of) Oyoko, are eager to learn, want to study and that their parents cannot afford to pay for a further education. When a student has graduated, there is room for a new student.

During their study period we also offer the students a stay at Homeland Oyoko. The added value is the offer of 'Life is Love' in addition to regular education. There are spacious and quiet sleeping and study rooms. The students receive study guidance, opportunities for creative activities and there is room for personal development. The students are also guided in applying for jobs within a company or setting up their own business. By living at Homeland Oyoko and coming into contact with Westerners, the students' world view is broader and their English language skills are better developed.




Lucy looks back on her very first meeting

The first time Moniek visited my school I was so happy. I finally could show my white sister to my friends and the whole school. All the teachers were humble and excited for me.

Let me give you a picture of how white people are welcome in my village.( Everyone smiles and wishes to give them a handshake whiles the children will be signing Obroni, Obroni and following them everywhere) My friends were so happy and wish they could hold or touch her, those who didn't like me wished they were my friend. They all respected me because it's not a small position to have a white sister 🤗. At that moment I saw myself as a star and promised never to lower my standard. I promised to study well and be successful in future. I saw the opportunity I had that other people didn't have.

At that time life was challenging, not pleasant at all. I woke up in the morning not knowing how we will get food and going to bed in the evening hoping to see the next day. My father and I couldn't make any future plans because we could hardly make a 3 square meal. But through all these challenging times, I had hope I will one day be ok and life will be better.

If Moniek had not come into my life I would have easily get involved in bad behavior which will fetch me money... When you are too hungry and your dad is also hungry and you have no source of income and you can't turn to any relative for help, you have no other option. Thank God Moniek was there on time because it was tiring to search for cola nuts every early morning. Behind Daddy’s house there was a cola nut farm and I picked the nuts from the ground. I couldn’t pick them from the tree because it didn’t belong to us. This gave us a very little income so we could ‘survive’.

I am very happy to hear about the plans Quashie School Project has for students in Oyoko fort he Roman Catholic Junior High School. I know there are a lot of children with similar challenges as those I went through at my youthful age. Anyone who receives a sponsorship will be happy and I am sure that their lives will improve as mine…


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