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I had to force myself to study

OwusuHello Mum,

I would like to tell my story since I have been a member of the Quashie School Project and I can continue my studies.

In the beginning it wasn't easy at all. I had to force myself to study. I did my best and I'm glad I passed the Senior High exam.

These 2 years have certainly not only been difficult. Life in Accra is cool, I eat healthy and I can talk to people about what's on my mind. I also learned to focus better.

I used to have a hard time. Sometimes it looked like I didn't have parents. I didn't feel the love a parent should have for a child. And the person who did care for me died. Life is over, I thought, what on earth am I supposed to do...

Luckily, I got a message from you and Lucy that I could go study in Accra and live with Lucy and Isaac. I was welcomed into a warm family and learned to deal with difficult situations. I used to deal with unimportant things and was often with 'wrong' friends. I feel like a new me.

I thank you and Lucy for all the advice, help and patience.

Your son,



Owusu wrote this letter when he was 16.


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