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Brand-new textbooks, I'm so happy

PaakowHello Moniek,

I'm writing you this letter, so you know what's going on at my school. Classes have started again but I wasn't at school on the first day. I wasn't well prepared.

The 2nd day I was there and to my great surprise there were only a few students and teachers. I was angry about this and didn't want to go to school anymore. Mum Lucy said that if I stayed at home, I had to do all the housework, so I went back to school on the 3rd day anyway.

The teacher asked about my schoolbooks, but I didn't have them yet. He kept pushing and it made me nervous. A week later I saw books on my bed. They were brand new schoolbooks for me. I was so happy, I just forgot to thank Mum Lucy. It wasn't until the next morning that I said how happy I was with the books.

Kind regards,



Paakow wrote this when he was 13.


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